Mouse And Rat Defense

Mice and rats are filthy creatures and often carry diseases that can be harmful to our family. Immediate action needs to be taken in order to expel them from our home. Ortho home defense has several products to choose form that are effective and safe to use around children or pets.


The most common defense against rodents are traps. These come in three different designs; glue traps, kill and contain traps, and snap traps. Each of these traps must be placed five to ten feet apart from each other an in areas where you have seen the rodents. Each one will be baited with a non perishable food so as to prevent it from rotting and causing a horrible odor. Check the traps every few days and move them if you get no results.

Glue Traps

The glue traps are simple and come ready to use. They contain non toxic glue that will trap the rodent when it tries to get the bait. It is designed with a cover that keeps the mous hidden from view and prevents you from having to touch it when it has died.

Snap Traps

These are the most popular and the most annoying to have to deal with. These are designed with claws that will snap tightly on the rodent and hopefully will kill it instantly. These can be messy so they are not the preferred choice.

Contain And Kill

This trap is one of the safest and cleanest to use in your home. It is designed to trap and kill the mouse without you having to see or even touch it. This is best used when you have kids who would try to touch it when they see it.


The baits are placed in the area where the rodents were last seen and placed between fifteen to thirty feet apart from each other. The rodent will nibble at it and after a few days the poison will kill them. If you have children or pets you should use the traps instead. This is also the messy way of cleaning up the problem.