Bug Defense

Bugs! They are possibly the most vile and annoying creatures on the planet. They are so small and sometimes they are hard to notice. Until they are infesting a part of your home and than they come in swarms. It is not uncommon for some people to have large, flying ants cover their screened in porch, or termites trying to destroy their home.

There are several products that can be used to remove wasps, ants, cockroaches, termites, and other bugs from the inside of your home and the outside. When using these products please be careful and keep children and pets away as they contain toxins used to kill the bugs and can be dangerous when ingested or breathed in too heavily.

Hornets And Wasps

The most common way to kill of wasps, hornets, and ants is to spray them with the ortho home defense. These use special toxins and poisons that will kill the bugs on contact and quickly remove them from around your home. Because these sprays can be harmful when breathed in too much it is best to use them outside of the home.

Stand a few feet back and spray the hornet nest. Do not stick around to see what happens. In most cases the bees will become angry and swarm around the nest before dying. If you are allergic find someone who is not to spray it down for you. Once the bees are all dead you will need to remove the nest so no more will reside in it.

Yard Defense

This product is used around the foundation of the home and is meant to last for a whole season or three months. If you usually have problems with infestations of insects inside of your home you will want to apply this early. This will help to kill the bugs before they manage to get inside of your home.

Inside Defense

The best way to put a stop to bugs that have infested your home is to use the Ortho perimeter insect killer. This is used indoors and is designed with a pull and spray applicator. Spray down the perimeter areas of your home. Allow it to dry before letting children and pets back inside. It works against cockroaches, ants, most spider, moths, and most other types of bugs.